Заявление в бухгалтерию на выход из профсоюза образец

Pieces", FWV 35-37 OR one from "Three chorale", FWV 38-40 2. Original work for organ (or part of the cycle) of the. Polish author of XIX-XXI centuries; organization committee could help participants with the scores; performing of transcription or participants own composition is not allowed. The order of the performing of each round is up to the. Participant. Participants should provide the Organizing Committee with the scores of the polish. Piece from the program of the Second Round not later than on the day of the draw.

It is possible to give an e-copy. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE WRITING OF THE PROGRAM: Compositions should be written. In the original language in the order of playing with the full names and birthdeath dates of the composers and should be accompanied with the opus numbers if there are any. Pieces of the Jan z Liublina should be written.

With the number of volume and number of piece in the volume in the edition which is available with the link above.

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