Бланк список детей на кроватки - Краткое содержание паром на бурной реке

As a matter if fact,you are a Genius,in fact, I. Must say that you are an epitome of natural beauty and I would like to know you better and I hope to be your very good friend. Since the first time I saw your face here on this.

Site I find it hard to erase it out of my mind. Please my new friend I am doing fine and WHAT ABOUT YOU ?are. You also doing fine. OK, tell me more about yourself,are you MARRIED. are you an ANGEL. WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE AN ANGEL??what is your Name. your Nationality, are you working and I think I need to.

Know about you as your new good friend. Sorry if I ask too much Question just want to know my. New friend better, I am an American National, and a top senior army officer and I will tell you more about myself too when I get your reply and please do send me your private email Address maybe for faster communication since I am still in the Camp here in Afghanistan and if possible, my new angel tell me more about your country. Do have a pleasant day and stay blessed. I wait for your reply. Harrison MESH И мой адрес.

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