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The ports tab. Disable MSP on UART1 Disable Serial RX on UART2 Enable. Serial RX on UART1 and Save Settings. Then go back to the configuration tab and confirm. That Serial_RX is still selected. Confirm that the receiver is working on the Receiver Tab. and the third question is How do I get my LUX. To 8220;Save and Reboot8221. Right now cleanflight is not able to reboot the LUX completely, to complete the process you should do the following: Press the red Disconnect button in cleanflight.

Unplug your LUX from the computer and wait a few seconds. Connect the LUX back to the computer and navigate to. The settings you just saved to confirm the save. Hopefully this clears up any issues you might have. With your LUX. Want more How-To information from FPV Manuals. click right here. June 2nd Update: The gryo used on the LUX is very fast.

And sensitive. Due to this some users experience a weird twitching when they throttle. Up using their radio.

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